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10 Best Desserts You Can Eat and Still Maintain a Healthy Weight

Most nutritionists will tell you that desserts are bad for your weight. What they never say is that some desserts can improve your weight. Read more on maintaining a healthy weight at F4 Protocol review.

Here are the ten best desserts you can eat and still maintain a healthy weight

1. Toasted Almond Meringue Cloud

If you crave for something that tastes great but has small amounts of fats and calories, then Toasted Almond Meringue Cloud will serve you well. Reason being, they taste so sweet you won’t believe they are healthy. You can have them at a dinner party or after your meals.

2. Pure-Bar Organic Chocolate Brownie Bar

Unlike any other brownie that you will find in food stores, Pure-Bar Organic Chocolate is made with healthy cashew butter that is naturally sweetened using dates. They also have up to 4 grams of fiber, 5 grams of protein and 180 calories that will keep you filled, satisfied and energized throughout the day.

3. Fruit sorbets

If you can’t stop eating ice-cream, then start thinking of taking a healthier one. Fruit Sorbets is an amazing, fat-free dessert that makes the best substitute for some sugary ice creams you buy in stores. Fruit Sorbets are excellent after meals and can also be served at parties.

4. Baked Almond Stuffed Peaches

Nothing makes after-meals livelier than having some peaches stuffed with crushed cooking crumbs, toasted almonds, and dried apricots then baked until they become brown. It looks like you are going to eat luxuriously, but this dessert has only 200 calories.

5. Watermelon

Watermelon may not match what you get from ice creams and other delicious brownies but makes a great dessert for anyone trying to lose weight. They are low in calories, hydrating and the best part, sweet. They are packed with vitamin C that will work well for your metabolism.

6. Frozen Grapes

You don’t need to go unhealthy with candies and gummy bears. You can still enjoy the sweet taste by taking a frozen fruit. It can be hard eating more grapes when they are frozen plus they will fill you up preventing you from eating more. One serving of this dessert contains up to 17 grapes.

7. Homemade Chia Pudding

Puddings are great whether taken as an after-meal or as the main meal. This dessert is rich in omega-3 fats that will enhance your cognitive performance as well as fiber that will keep you full for the rest of the day. To make this dessert, whip it, mix up to three tablespoonfuls of chia seeds plus a three-quarter cup of coconut milk. You can then allow the mixture to sit for about half an hour and then top them with fresh berries.

8. Yasso Greek Yogurt Popsicles

Yasso Greek Yogurt Popsicles are great because they are rich in protein and are nutritional. They are much better if you make them on your own. They have about 80 calories and up to 5 grams of healthy protein. Depending on your preference, you can choose from a variety of Yasso’s flavors including peanut butter cup, mint chocolate and more.

9. Baked Apple and Cinnamon

One advantage of fruits is that they are sweet so that you won’t have to risk your weight by taking more sugar into your system. Instead of taking high-calorie apple pie, bake your apples then coat the slices using cinnamon and lemon juice. You can then place them in a 350-degree oven for approximately, 30 minutes. This dessert is packed with antioxidants and 5 grams of fiber.

10. Dole Dippers

More often you are told to avoid chocolate desserts because many of them contain calories and sugar. With Dole Dippers, you get fibers and healthy vitamins that are healthy. They are covered using banana bits that have 100 calories. You can have this healthy dessert before or after your meals.

The final words

The fact is, denying yourself your favorite foods can be stressing. But that doesn’t mean, that you must stick to unhealthy fatty and sugary foods. Add these ten healthy desserts to your diet plan and realize how fast your weight can do down without working so hard.


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How to start a successful sweets business with 7 steps

According to National Association for the Specialty Food Trade, an average American eats approximately, 24 pounds of sweets that cost up to $84 annually. The fact of the matter is, the market for sweets has been there and is continuously growing because they are appealing to all ages.

They bring in a lot of income because they will sell during birthdays, wedding days, office parties and more. If you want a business idea that won’t disappoint, starting a sweets business should be your top priority.

But how do you start? What are you required to do to make your candy business a success? Here are some few tips.

How to start a sweets business

1. Choose the right location

No matter how sweet they are, your products will only give you some profit if you sell them in huge amounts. As you may already know, sweets businesses are almost everywhere, and your location might not be an exception. The best way to make massive sells is, to try and avoid competition as much as possible.

Choose locations where it is unlikely to find a sweets business such as college hostels and more. Also, avoid places that will require you to pay large sums of money in the name of rent.

2. Know the brands that sell most

If you start counting the types of sweets on the market, you will be amazed at how many they are. But what brands sell most? What are your buyers looking for? You can’t know this unless you visit a variety of sweets businesses in the area you are targeting. So, take a trip and look at what your rivals are selling.

You can also take some minutes just standing there to see what buyers pick most. Also remember, not every sweet fanatic will buy the number one top selling candy on the market. So, look for at least ten bestselling desserts and mix them up.

3. Estimate your profits

Apparently, starting a sweets business doesn’t require massive amounts of money. One fact is, having a sweets store will give you huge profits, but all this depends on your strategy. Most often, quick sales can be deceiving. You can think that you are making huge profits and end up giving free sweets while in the real sense, what you are giving out is your profit.

Before you start any sweets business, calculate the profit. Know what you’ll get by selling a whole packet. Doing this will help you avoid losses and know what to give out, especially if you are dealing with kids who are lured by offers.

4. Make your business legal

Your store will require a valid license and anything that proves that it is legal to sell freely. The last thing you need is, conflicting with your authorities when your business has peaked. In addition to the license, it should pass health inspections.

So, ensure that your store is sparkling clean so that when the health authorities arrive, they won’t see the reason to close your business. Doing this will not only give you peace of mind but will also make your customers trust you hence increase your sales.

5. Protect your secret

Always keep in mind; you might not be the only one with the idea of opening a candy shop. Probably there many people in your area who want to start a business but haven’t figured out a way forward.

Speaking out your mind might encourage them to open the same business. Some will even try and open it before you are ready and that is the last thing you need. The fact is, it is hard for anyone else to start a business when you’ve already started it and the same goes for you. So, if you want your business to be a success, keep it a secret until you’ve fully established it. Doing this will prevent unnecessary competition.

6. Know your competitors

Most probably, you won’t find a location without a sweets business. That doesn’t give you an excuse to drop the idea. Besides, if you can’t come up with a good competition strategy, it won’t be easy for you to run any business. So, instead of running away, find out what your competitors are selling.

Know how much they charge for each sweet and the offer they give for a person who has bought more. Lastly, figure out what you can give your customers that they cannot. Using that information will help you come up with a better competition strategy that will help you survive even the toughest competition in the market.

7. Market your business

Even if you are offering the lowest prices, you won’t be able to beat your competitors if you lack the right marketing strategy. So, figure out a way to convince your potential customers that you are the best.

If you have plans of opening a large-scale sweets business, I would suggest that you use the internet and social media. Doing this will not only increase the visibility of your business but will also help build credibility and authority. I suggest taking a course with Tai Lopez. Here is the 67 Steps Tai Lopez link.

Final Takwaways

Apparently, sweets will sell, but that doesn’t do away with the fact that it can be a challenge when you choose the wrong location. So, ensure you’ve done much research to know your market, your potential customers and most importantly, your competitors. Lastly, don’t just open a sweets business because you want to make some money. Find a way to make it a hobby so that you can enjoy it despite the challenges.


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8 Amazing Dessert Trends For 2017

Just like the fashion, we are going to experience many new trends in food in 2017. In this year, people are going to eat less and healthy to get a slim and perfect figure. But when it comes to the dessert, you find it hard to avoid them. Even if you avoid taking sweets more frequently but you take it at least twice or thrice in a week. If you love desserts, you will certainly like to know the dessert trends for 2017. In 20127, you will see many new dessert trends. Do you want to know about some of them? If yes, then consider the followings. After you eat, don’t forget to workout. Hint: here’s the hottest workout on the planet link

1. Jared Cakes

When we talk about the dessert, cake becomes the first choice. But what will happen, if you decorate the cakes in the beautiful jars? You might see this new trend in 2017. You can collect different varieties of cakes that include the red velvet cakes, cheesecake, and confetti cake, and decorate them in a beautiful jar. You can make these cakes as these are easy to make and can be preserved for a long time.

2. Donut Cone

Another dessert that will be mostly used in 2017 is donut cone. It is made of cinnamon-sugar covered dough and will be filled with ice cream and chocolate. Donut cones are like fresh chimney cakes that will come as dough wrapped around a stick, topped and gripped with sugar and walnuts. You can buy it from outside and can also make it at your home.

3. Rainbow Sandwiches

Do you like to have sandwiches for your dessert? Yes, you can have it. Rainbow bagels sandwiches are healthy and take a couple of minutes for the preparation. You can simply decorate your sandwiches with fruity pebbles creams, cake cream, cheese, and can decorate it with a creamy paste and sugar. It is easy to make, and you can use any of your preferred sweet items to make it yummy.

4. Vegetable Desserts

The New Year will see new inventions. Now your desserts will not be limited to the fresh items only. You can use sandwiches and vegetables for your desserts. That will be both healthy and tasty. We all know that we can make carrot cake. Certain vegetables like carrot, sweet potatoes, and beet can be used to make a creamy paste like desserts. These desserts will be healthy, easy to prepare, and can be a good option for the vegan. For this reason, vegetable-centric desserts will be preferred in 2017.

5. Egg Waffle Cones

Egg waffle ice cream is one the preferred desserts in 2016. But in 2017, you might notice a little difference. Instead of the egg waffle ice creams, people will prefer egg waffle cones. It is a new invention and will come as a cone with a mound ice cream and topping. It will not only taste good but will also look beautiful.

6. Toasts with sugar

Do you like toast? If yes, then you can make it your dessert with sugar. You can simply have a thick cut white bread drizzled with honey and then topped it with various sauces and ice cream and other accouterments. You can use anything of your taste that includes fruits, cookies, and nuts. This is easy to prepare and healthy as well.

7. Pancakes

Have you heard about decadent pancakes? The concept is itself interesting. Many of us like pancakes and you can make a dessert with these cakes as well. Prepare a stack of pancakes and decorate them with your preferred sauces and creams and crazy topping. You can use anything fruits, nuts, creams, and sauces to suit your taste. When it comes to the pancake, the options will be many.

8. Rolled ice cream

Ice cream is the favorite dessert of many people. In 2017, you need to be creative to make your ice creams funny and enjoyable. Instead of having a simple ice cream, you can go for the rolled ice creams. This is your new invention and people will find it crazy. It is a local dessert of the Thailand and will be one of the desserts trends in 2017. To prepare this ice cream, you just need to pour the custard onto the cold griddle and then mix the flavor. Once it is done, you can roll it in a metal scraper and then serve it in a cup.


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