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8 Amazing Dessert Trends For 2017

Just like the fashion, we are going to experience many new trends in food in 2017. In this year, people are going to eat less and healthy to get a slim and perfect figure. But when it comes to the dessert, you find it hard to avoid them. Even if you avoid taking sweets more frequently but you take it at least twice or thrice in a week. If you love desserts, you will certainly like to know the dessert trends for 2017. In 20127, you will see many new dessert trends. Do you want to know about some of them? If yes, then consider the followings. After you eat, don’t forget to workout. Hint: here’s the hottest workout on the planet link

1. Jared Cakes

When we talk about the dessert, cake becomes the first choice. But what will happen, if you decorate the cakes in the beautiful jars? You might see this new trend in 2017. You can collect different varieties of cakes that include the red velvet cakes, cheesecake, and confetti cake, and decorate them in a beautiful jar. You can make these cakes as these are easy to make and can be preserved for a long time.

2. Donut Cone

Another dessert that will be mostly used in 2017 is donut cone. It is made of cinnamon-sugar covered dough and will be filled with ice cream and chocolate. Donut cones are like fresh chimney cakes that will come as dough wrapped around a stick, topped and gripped with sugar and walnuts. You can buy it from outside and can also make it at your home.

3. Rainbow Sandwiches

Do you like to have sandwiches for your dessert? Yes, you can have it. Rainbow bagels sandwiches are healthy and take a couple of minutes for the preparation. You can simply decorate your sandwiches with fruity pebbles creams, cake cream, cheese, and can decorate it with a creamy paste and sugar. It is easy to make, and you can use any of your preferred sweet items to make it yummy.

4. Vegetable Desserts

The New Year will see new inventions. Now your desserts will not be limited to the fresh items only. You can use sandwiches and vegetables for your desserts. That will be both healthy and tasty. We all know that we can make carrot cake. Certain vegetables like carrot, sweet potatoes, and beet can be used to make a creamy paste like desserts. These desserts will be healthy, easy to prepare, and can be a good option for the vegan. For this reason, vegetable-centric desserts will be preferred in 2017.

5. Egg Waffle Cones

Egg waffle ice cream is one the preferred desserts in 2016. But in 2017, you might notice a little difference. Instead of the egg waffle ice creams, people will prefer egg waffle cones. It is a new invention and will come as a cone with a mound ice cream and topping. It will not only taste good but will also look beautiful.

6. Toasts with sugar

Do you like toast? If yes, then you can make it your dessert with sugar. You can simply have a thick cut white bread drizzled with honey and then topped it with various sauces and ice cream and other accouterments. You can use anything of your taste that includes fruits, cookies, and nuts. This is easy to prepare and healthy as well.

7. Pancakes

Have you heard about decadent pancakes? The concept is itself interesting. Many of us like pancakes and you can make a dessert with these cakes as well. Prepare a stack of pancakes and decorate them with your preferred sauces and creams and crazy topping. You can use anything fruits, nuts, creams, and sauces to suit your taste. When it comes to the pancake, the options will be many.

8. Rolled ice cream

Ice cream is the favorite dessert of many people. In 2017, you need to be creative to make your ice creams funny and enjoyable. Instead of having a simple ice cream, you can go for the rolled ice creams. This is your new invention and people will find it crazy. It is a local dessert of the Thailand and will be one of the desserts trends in 2017. To prepare this ice cream, you just need to pour the custard onto the cold griddle and then mix the flavor. Once it is done, you can roll it in a metal scraper and then serve it in a cup.


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